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Repaying Faith - Part 2

Title: Repaying Faith
Fandoms: Torchwood, Dark is Rising Sequence, Chronicles of Narnia, Doctor Who
Rating: T
Disclaimer: Torchwood and Doctor Who belong to the BBC, Dark is Rising Sequence to Susan Cooper and the Chronicles of Narnia to C.S. Lewis and his estate. No copywrite infingement is meant.
Characters/Pairings: Jack Harkness, Ianto Jones, Will Stanton, Susan Pevensie, the Lady, Dran Davies, Toshiko Sato, Owen Harper, Gwen Cooper. Jack Harkness/Ianto Jones, Jack Harkness/Will Stanton, Will Stanton/Bran Davies, Jack Harkness/Susan Pevensie.
Word Count: 18,550
Summary: Joining Torchwood had been a bit of fun at first. It turns out that not all things go as expected, and they all have their penance to pay. And as one song ends, another begins.
Author's Notes: Part 1 is here. Born out of the popular fandom theory that Ianto isn't quite human, and somehow my Brain leaped to this. Inspired by be_themoon's Chronicles of Narnia/Doctor Who crossovers, and lembas7's Elijah's Cup verse. It was supposed to be fairly short, but kind of ran away with me. It also pulls together quite a few ideas I've had for a while, so there may well be more written in the verse. (This currently stands as the longest thing I've ever written).

So, what do you need to read this fic? This covers the storyline of Torchwood Season's One and Two, so a familiarity with that would be good, as some of it is not fully explained. The entire Dark is Rising sequence is covered, but it is explained in this fiction – fairly late on – but you should be okay; a familiarity with "The Dark is Rising" novel would be good, and The Grey King and Silver on the Tree are recommended reading. For Chronicles of Narnia; it covers what happens to Susan post-Last Battle, but if you're familiar with The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe you should be fine.


It is Owen who saves the day in the end. Will is powerless, much as he hates to admit it, with no one to guide him and none of the things of power to repeal the dark. Martha is returned to her normal state, thank heavens, and everything goes back to normal – well, as normal as things ever are at Torchwood. A team meeting is called by Jack, who decides that they need one to try and work out exactly what is going on with them, and to reveal some potentially uncomfortable truths.

So they sit around, Will making coffee for everyone but Owen, who is finding that the not being able to drink anything is possibly going to be one of the hardest things to get used to about being dead. Jack gives his basic run down on what the hell has happened over the last day or two; the end of the Reset case, Owen's death, Ianto's mysterious powers, the trouncing of Death itself. The team look to Will for answers, and he knows he will have to provide them.

"Everything?" he asks. They nod. Of course, he will not tell them everything – there are some things that they really do not need to know, such as sitting on the mountain tops with Bran while the welsh winds blew and they just enjoyed each other's company, but he will try and give a comprehensive picture. He wonders how to start the explanation. "When the Dark comes rising, six shall turn it back. Three from the circle, three from the track. Wood, bronze, iron; water, fire, stone. Five will return and one go alone. These words were spoken to me at the last rising of the Dark, when the circle of the Old Ones was finally complete. Back at Midwinter; on my eleventh birthday." He takes a breath. Jack is watching him closely.

"Your birthday's not midwinter's day though," Tosh says. Almost as soon as she says it she realises that everything she has ever known about Ianto is false. She thinks back to earlier. "When we were standing over Owen's body. Jack called you Will..."

"My name is Will Stanton. I was born seventh son of a seventh son, the last of the Old Ones. We are the agents of the Light, fighting an age long war against the Dark. I was born at the beginning of the last rising, the sign-seeker. There were six signs, the second of the great things of power. They were joined, and then came the Wild Hunt, and the Dark was vanquished for a time. But then the Grail went missing – do you remember the finding of the grail?" He looks at Jack, and Jack remembers being sent to the midst of nowhere to check out this strange object that Torchwood thought was of alien origin. It was stolen before he had got there though, so he had never got to see it. He remembered it had been found by three school children, in the most mysterious circumstances.

"Simon, Jane and Barney Drew." The names of the strange children come to him. He saw them once, passing through Cardiff station, and recollects the strange look on the face of the girl, almost as if she had heard her name whispered on the wind.

"Indeed. They found the Grail the first time, and Jane was the one who retrieved it the second. It was the first of the things of power, just as the signs were the second. Then came the harp of gold, rescued from the mountains of Craig yr Aderyn, by the raven boy; Arthur's heir, a boy named Bran Davies. And finally, the Crystal Sword, wielded by Pendragon's son by the Midsummer's tree. The Dark fell. The Old Ones left this earth, leaving behind their watchmen, and Bran chose to forget, his part in this done, and the Drew children were in it only by accident. I am alone, the last of my kind."

"And the woman? The one who was here earlier. You knew her," Martha says. "So did you Jack." She stares at him, and Will glances at Jack to see who should tell this tale; in truth, he does not know Jack's side of things, and Jack signals for him to continue with his explanation.

"I know her as the Lady; she is a being of the High Magic. Her sympathies are with the Light, but she is supposed to serve as a balance between us. Y maent yr myenddoedd yn canu ac yr mae'r arglwyddes yn dod."

"The mountains are singing and the lady comes," Gwen translates. She does know her welsh after all, which is probably more than the others say. "Do you have a limitless supply of old rhymes and poems in that head of yours?"

"We had enough. The Lady is what she is, and she has never told me who she is. However, I gather Jack knows her by a different name." The team turn to look at Jack.

"It's... complicated," Jack says, as his hands come to rest and twine together as they always do, that too old glance as his eyes go round the room looking at everyone individually. "I think that should be a story for another day."


Will can see that Owen hates the fact that his position has been taken over by Martha, that in his opinion, he has nothing left to live for – starting with the fact that he's not really alive. He and Jack sit on the pier as they wait for Owen to surface. Both of them understand the want to die and not being able to. Will knows that Jack has shot himself enough times before.

It is thirty-six minutes before Owen surfaces, dragging himself up. Will and Jack seem to be going for a good cop, bad cop routine, only Will isn't sure how much of it is working and how much Owen can just see straight through. He takes him aside after the meeting, and decides to talk to him.

"Why did you have to bring me back!" Owen yells. Will doesn't respond to the question, he's already answered it to Owen, and he knows that Owen is just angry with everything and just needs to sort things out.

"You think we don't want to die sometimes as well? I've sat in lakes for hours personally, thinking about drowning and just letting go. It's not going to happen," Will replies. "You need to find a purpose, and Jack, in giving you time off, was trying to help you do that. Misguided as the attempt was, you still need to realise that he does care, and that you're hurting him by doing this."

Owen pauses, slightly shocked. "Oh, and be nicer to Toshiko. She only wants to help," Will says.


Will is cleaning up, tidying, making everything spic and span while the Rift is being quiet and the rest of the team are off, and Jack is quiet in his office. Though, thinking about it, Jack is being rather too quiet. He heads up to the office. With the glass walls surrounding it, it is clear to see that Jack is hunched up over the desk, looking at something, though Will doesn't think it's probably paperwork or anything useful.

He knocks quietly on the door before entering, but it is not quite enough to lift Jack from whatever he is doing. He walks round to the back of the desk, attempting to get a better view. Jack is looking at some photographs, four people – Will assumes siblings, but he's not sure – standing together smiling, and another with just the eldest girl and him standing together, a formal portrait taken somewhere, and a candid shot of Jack and the younger boy laughing together.

He places his hand on Jack's shoulder, who flinches slightly. "That's her, isn't it?" he says, recognising the Lady in the pictures. She is beautiful, light hearted and looks almost happy in the photos, better than Will has ever seen her.

Jack gives a subtle nod. "Susan Pevensie. At least, that's who I knew her as. I'm tempted to believe it was her true identity, though goodness knows there were enough odd things going on with that lot. The three with her, they're her siblings. The oldest was Peter, the younger brother Edmund, and the youngest girl was called Lucy."

Will observes the photos carefully. There is nothing particularly strange from the looks of it about the children. "Why do you think the High Magic chose her?"

"She said herself, remember. I was hoping you could enlighten me on it," Jack says, and Will recollects her earlier words in the autopsy bay, but he has no possible explanation for them. "They were all odd, the lot of them. Not just the four siblings, but their cousin and his friend as well. Religious to a very odd point, highly moralistic. They were older than their years, especially these four. They said the oddest things; Edmund said that he'd been to the end of a world once, though I have no idea what it meant. They all died in a train crash in nineteen-forty-nine, except Susan. She went mad after it, babbling about a lion and a country they'd found in a wardrobe, and ruling for fifteen years, a white witch defeated, lifetimes lived and countries saved because of their strength, fighting wars at a place named Beruna... I never knew what of it to believe. It all seems so unreal."

Will sighs. He has no way to tell if Jack's tale is true, but still. "That is what most people would say of what we do on a regular basis. What the team wanted to say when I told them who I was." Jack takes his hand, sensing that he is upset over the entire matter. "We should ask her for her side of the story."

"Maybe one day we'll be able to," Jack suggests.


"Ianto," Tosh calls one day. Will should be in the main part of the hub, perfectly capable of responding to her calls, but for some reason he doesn't respond. "Ianto?" she calls again. It isn't like him to ignore her. "Hey Owen?" she calls down. He gives an affirmative grunt. "Can you see Ianto?"

"Tosh, he's off making coffee again," Owen responds with a quick turn of the head to affirm that this is still the case. "Oi, Ianto," he yells, much louder than Tosh is capable of.

Jack has noticed their yelling by now, and has come out of his office and walked down to where Will is standing, and placing a gentle hand on Will's shoulder, whispers "Will," in his ear. "Tosh and Owen are calling you," he adds.

Will spins around, looking at the accused pair. Tosh merely looks slightly apologetic about it, while Owen is mumbling something about useless teaboys who couldn't respond when called (since he no longer lived in fear of Will putting him on decaf, he'd grown a lot less careless about the comments he made). Owen turns back to his work, while Will is left looking at Tosh for what she wants.

"I'm sorry," she begins, and Will waves it off. "Can you take a look at this? I'd like to know if we've got anything else like it in the archives."

So Will goes over there, and looks at the myriad of information Tosh presents him with and ascertains that, yes, they've probably got something quite similar in the archives. "Ian–." She stops mid-word. Will looks at her strangely. "Will?" she says questioningly, trying it out. He just looks at her oddly. "Sorry," she apologises again, "It's just, that we've never asked what we should call you. I know that your name is actually Will, but you've never said anything about wanting to be known by that name."

Will smiles at her. "It's fine Tosh. I was just a bit zoned out, that's all. It doesn't register sometimes that someone's calling me."

"But Jack–," she starts, but Will silences her again.

"Has spent far too much time with me and knows what the way to snap me out of it is." He looks at Tosh. "I expect you to call me Ianto. Sure, I think of myself as Will Stanton, and if I ever go and see my family or introduce myself to anyone from that part of my life, I will be Will, but here and now, I am Ianto Jones."


He is standing making more coffee for the team when Gwen approaches him. She doesn't speak, at least not at first, and he waits until she does before talking to her. "Ianto." Will would turn round, only he is involved with trying to make sure these cups of coffee are actually drinkable, so he doesn't. "Ianto?"

"Yes Gwen?" he says back, and he'd be lying if the slightest hint of irritance doesn't enter his voice, but he doesn't really care, and neither, it seems, does Gwen.

"I was just wondering..." He hates it when Gwen wonders, it almost invariably turns out horribly wrong. "Remember Billis? He told me and Jack he could walk through time. Jack said he'd never seen anything quite like it. And yet, it is something that you seem to be able to do."

Oh. He'd all but forgotten about Billis and that incident, preferring to ignore the implications that it was some scheme by the Dark and just thanks that Jack had managed to resolve the entire thing. "I'm sure the agents of the Light and Dark aren't the only ones who can walk through time Gwen," he replies, really not wanting this to be pinned on him as well. "I don't know everyone of them by name, or anything like that."

"Still," Gwen says. Will doesn't like the fact she's chosen to pursue it. "I just thought it was odd, that's all. He said he didn't understand it."

That was the one thing Will was grateful for about his own awakening; it might not have been the nicest thing in the world, and there had been trouble at all turns of the bend and an awful lot riding on his shoulders, but at least it had been explained to him. "I can't explain everything. If you're looking for answers on why life's a bitch, Jack's probably a better person to ask, but I don't suppose even he can explain it. It just happens to be that way."


"I suppose, really, I ought to thank you for making sure the wedding wasn't a complete disaster," Rhys says to Will, after Gwen and him got back from their honeymoon.

Will smiles. "Yes, but if she hadn't got involved with us in the first place, it would have never had happened." He turns his head away to look at the the sea far off in the bay, and then turns back. "And I think Jack enjoyed it just a little too much, don't you think? Getting to run round like an action hero and yell stop the wedding."

"Does he take anything seriously?" Rhys asks.

Will considers it for a moment, wondering whether it is a rhetorical question or not. "You just have to know him," is his answer.

The silence that falls between the two men is comfortable, but Rhys then breaks it. "She didn't invite any of you to the wedding, originally."

Will pauses for a second. "Jack and I... We don't do weddings. They remind us too much of what we've lost and what we can never have. I can't speak for Gwen or the rest of the team."

"Oi," Rhys says. "You and your Captain looked nice on the dance floor. There's hope for you yet." Will smiles at the naivety of one who hasn't known the terrors of the world, and knows their joy.


"Have you seen this latest obsession of Gwen's?" Jack asks Will. It is the middle of a work day, Will come to see what Jack would like for lunch before going out to get it.

"Jonah?" Will asks, and Jack returns a nod. Flat Holm has remained between the two of them, even after the reveal of Will's powers. He wishes there was something he could do for the patients, but most come back aged and far away from their time, and irreversibly damaged. Jack's solution is the most humane, truth be told, and Will has tried to improve it in anyway he can, but there is little he and Jack can do. And Gwen has become obsessed with a missing persons case that Will knows is one of their newest Flat Holm residents. "It'll blow over soon, surely?" The statement is an attempt to reassure Jack as well as himself, but it doesn't really work.

"I don't think she's going to drop it though. She'll tear the team apart doing it, she's not going to stop just because I ask this time."

Will sat on Jack's desk as he was accustomed to doing, and caught Jack's hand in his own. "It's for her own good. I'll talk to her, alright. See if I can't magic something up to change her mind."

"Whatever would I do without you, Ianto Jones?" Jack asks, tightening his fingers round Will's, and swinging their hands lightly. His free hand cradles Will's neck, and Will leans forward into Jack's grasp.

"You'd cope, I'm sure," Will responds, close enough to Jack that he can feel the breath exerted by the words across his lips. Jack sweeps in and claims Will's lips as his own, hand catching in the back of his hair. He doesn't know how he coped without this wonderful young man, and certainly doesn't know how to cope now.


God bless PC Andy Davidson. "You have to hate the impulsive ones, don't you?" Will says, as he comes up behind Andy, who is still looking astonished as Gwen disappears off into the distance.

"Eh?" Andy turns round, still clutching his cups of tea. "You're with that blasted Torchwood, aren't you?" he comments. Will nods. "Make my life a misery, you do. And look at her, charging off and leaving me behind. I want to know what you lot have got going on as well."

"Knowing the truth, I suspect you probably don't," Will replies. "And trust me, your job would be a lot worse if we didn't do what we do. I know Jack's irritating at times, but he knows what he's doing – well, most of the time anyway." Will chuckles.

"Ah, still," Andy says. "It would be nice to be told occasionally. Just a note. Her to not run off and leave me behind like she always does. Not make me feel so darn useless."

Will smiles at this, and takes a tea out of Andy's hand. "The universe has a way of making remarkable people out of the most unremarkable men. Now, it'll be a while before Gwen gets back, and longer before she's in any state to explain, so why don't we go and have a sit and have a good old moan about the joys of Torchwood."

"Sounds like a plan," Andy says, turning away from the sea. "It was you who gave her that GPS system, wasn't it?" he says after a momentary pause. Will just remains silent. "You know, she didn't even know that it was a GPS system." They both have a laugh over that, as they move off back into Cardiff, and wait for their respective partners to come back.


"Jack," Will says worriedly. John Hart is bad news, the entire team know that. Jack's look of concern is doing nothing to alleviate those worries. The rest of the team are confused as well, with little knowledge about what's going on.

"Gray. He's my brother," Jack answers, seemingly reading Will's mind. "I thought he was dead." Silence penetrates the team. "Tosh, what have we got? What's happening?"

Tosh looks at her PDA. "Detecting three separate instances of rift activity. One at the police station, another at the hospital, and one at the central server building."

"Right," Jack says. His arm is wrapped round Will's shoulders supportively, though whether it is for Jack or Will's sake it is hard to tell. "We need to go and check them out; I'll go back to the hub and try and find Gray or John." Owen volunteers for the hospital, Gwen and Rhys will take the police station. "Ianto, go with Toshiko," Jack instructs. Will protests, not wanting to leave Jack alone to face Gray; the temptation of family members can be too much to bear, sometimes. "Try and contact Susan. See what she's upto."

Will nods, though he has no way to complete the demands. They need to do all they can.


All Will can hear is the resonating of bombs across the city. The power failing, Jack being taken. Tosh is desperately trying to keep the systems going. The nuclear plant is going into meltdown. Gwen takes charge at the Police Station. And Jack uncontactable. Will loved the man, but Jack did have a tendency to go missing at the most important times. And then they are picking up rift readings back at the Hub, and someone needs to go.

"Gwen can't leave, and I need to get to the nuclear power plant, and god knows what Owen's upto," Tosh says. She is not damning their other teammate, just saying that she wishes he'd pick up when she needed him to.

"I'll go back to the Hub, I've got to," Will says.

"How are you planning to get through the city? It's madness out there, Ianto." Tosh looks genuinely worried.

Will smiles. "You're forgetting I can walk through time and space, Tosh." She gives a weary smile in return, eyebrows still furrowed in worry. "Are you going to stay and see if you can calm the powerplant from here?"

"I'll try," she says. Desperation fills her eyes though, and Will feels very guilty about leaving her there.

He accesses the comms and informs Gwen and Owen of the plan. And then he summons the doors, and hears Tosh's gasp, and walks through time.


The impulsive, rash part of him desires nothing more than to shoot John right now. Luckily, that's not the only part of Will, and definitely not the one in control. He listens, rather impatiently as John gives his explanation for quite why he buried Jack alive. John can sense this, and then says that he knows how to find Jack.

"I'm not concerned with whatever you planted on Jack. Just tell me where and when he is," Will says.

"That'll do no good, eye-candy. Just let me talk to Toshiko and we can trace the signal. I'm telling you, we can find him!" John yells, infuriated.

Will sighs. His patience is running thin. "Just tell me. Please. I'll explain later." John reluctantly gives up the details, and then asks the foolish question of what he's going to do now. "I'm going to rescue Jack," he says, as he summons the doors and is through them as quickly as he can. He is sure that he has left a gobsmacked John behind, but that matters very little to him right now.

He can see the fresh mound of earth where Jack is buried, and the shovel lying beside it that John must have left. It can't have been long. He starts digging, carefully, not wanting to hit Jack, but he knows he's probably buried deep under the earth, as he understands in some odd way the extent of Gray's rage (which had been the one part of John's explanation he had actually been listening to).

It takes time, but then he sees the blue of the coat, and the mucky white of Jack's shirt and the bloodstains and there is Jack. He wipes the dirt off Jack's face, waiting for him to revive. And then he does so, with that gasp of breath and opens his eyes and the look of surprise is so great that it is all that Will can do to just sit there and laugh. And then Jack's hands are on his shoulders, and Will feels Jack's lips on his, and it is beautiful.

Jack pulls back and laughs. "What are you doing here? More so, how?"

It is Will's turn to laugh. "I can walk through time, remember, or haven't we gotten this straight yet?" Jack pulls him back into a deep kiss, and Will is certainly not protesting.


It appears John hasn't gotten over his shock, if the look on his face when Jack and Will walk back through the doors is anything to go by. Will reaches over to the computer immediately, trying to work out where the rest of the team are, while Jack and John just look at each other.

"So not only is he irresistibly handsome, he also happens to have a hidden vortex manipulator?" John says.

"Not vortex manipulator, it's magic," Will mutters under his breath as he looks at the scans.

"Magic doesn't exist," John replies quickly.

"Call it complex manipulation of energies, he doesn't get so upset then," Jack says, ignoring the pointed look Will shoots him. "Last of a species of mythical beings involving prophecies and items of power among other things, he gets a bit touchy."

"I can hear you, Jack," Will says. "Gwen, Tosh, Owen. Can you hear me?" he calls over the comms. He hears a relieved response from Tosh, a desperate one from Gwen, and a rushed one from Owen, all asking if he's found Jack. "I've got him yes," he replies. "Tosh, how's the nuclear reactor doing?"

"Not good, Ianto. I'm going over there now, but even then I don't know if I'm going to be able to do anything," she replies. Will shoots a look at Jack and John. Jack is obviously thinking of a response, but then a loud pitch wailing issues out over everything.

"What was that?" someone cries, and Will isn't sure quite who it is, but it is a sentiment shared by everyone. "Someone's in the vaults," Will cries, trying to grab CCTV footage or anything of the vaults.

"Ianto," he hears Tosh cry over the comms. "There's Weevils all over the place, I can't get to the power station with all this."

Will is attempting to think of a solution when Owen comes back over the comms, "I'll get there, Tosh." Problem sorted for now, Will turns away as they continue their conversation, concentrating more on the hub issue.

"Gray's in the hub?" Jack has a look somewhere between desperation and relief, and Will doesn't know whether to be relieved of not.

"Not for much longer, I suspect. Though why he's set the Weevils off is anyone's guess," John replies. The three men look at each other, and Will turns back to the comms, trying to contact Gwen.

"Gwen, what's happening at your end?" he says.

A grunt is heard from the line. "Weevils trying to break down the police station door, but otherwise, it's just roses here Ianto," she says. "Rhys, push. Andy, what are you doing over at the window?" Will zones out slightly, relieved that Gwen seems to be containing the situation. "What do you mean there's a woman outside? There are women everywhere, if you hadn't noticed." Gwen's irate tone comes across the comm lines, and Will knows she's not talking to him. He can hear her walking over to wherever whoever she is talking to is standing. "Ianto..." the voice comes. "Your Lady's standing outside. There's someone with her. An Albino man."

"Bran." The word is out of Will's mouth before he even has time to think about it. "I've got to go, Jack, she's appeared. I'll bring Gwen back." Jack nods his head weakly, and Will steps through time again.


He brings Gwen back, gets a good look at the pair that PC Andy was having hysterics about, and participates in a shoot out with Weevils. Tosh is also back at the hub, and they seem like they have it under control, so Will goes back to see exactly what the Lady is doing now.

"Susan," he says as he approaches. She nods slowly. He turns his attention to the man standing beside her. It is Bran, unmistakably, white hair and amber eyes. He has aged, but there is still that twinkle in his eyes from when they were children. He takes it all in, looking at him completely. "You remember." It is more of a statement than a question.

"No greetings, Will Stanton, after all these years? You did disappear off the face of the planet," Bran says, and Will fights the desire to go over their and hug him right now. "You look young," he adds, stepping closer towards Will. Will can't take it anymore, and he moves forward to hug Bran, arms coiling tightly round Bran's back as he stands there, and returns the hug one handedly.

"I've missed you," Will confesses, and Bran smiles. Tension gone, it is like the old days, and Bran remembers – remembers who he truly is.

"What are these creatures?" Bran asks. They are surrounding the trio, but make no move to attack.

"Weevils," Will answers. "At least, that's what we call them. We being Torchwood. Well, Jack, really, but it's still what we call them."

"Your team, Cardiff and the World are in great danger, Ianto Jones," the Lady states. "It would be wise to turn your attention to them. Jack Harkness may have been rescued from the past, but all is still not well. There is a fight ahead, and you must be ready for it."


"Someone's singing Jack," Gwen says. She can hear the banging on the door of the cell by John, who is still refusing to admit they are locked in. "Why is there someone singing? I hope Tosh is okay. Where do you think Ianto's gone?"

Jack sighs with despair, a fist resting against the cell wall. Gray had taken everything off him, there was no way to open the cells. He desperately hopes that Toshiko is okay, that she and Owen have got the nuclear power station under control, and that Will has found Susan – Gwen's earlier description sounded pretty solid – and that they will be able to do something. In fact, the mournful singing sounded almost like her. "I don't know Gwen. I don't have the answers. We're praying for a miracle here."

"I wouldn't have called it a miracle," a foreign voice comes. "Unless you really don't know what Will's capable of, in which case it probably is pretty miracle like."

"Bran," Will's voice comes, and there is a sigh of relief from all three cells. "Don't confuse them." Jack hears the scraping as Will opens the cells up. The door swings open, and Will stands there, in all his normality. Jack reaches his hands out to Will's face, cradling his cheek and drawing him close.

"Ianto," Jack breathes. Their foreheads are pressed together, noses touching, sharing each others breath.

"Jack," Will replies, and they remain still. He becomes aware of Bran and the others standing behind them, and remembers why they are really there. "We need to get upstairs. Don't ask me what's happening, I don't know what Susan is actually upto."

"It is her singing them?" Jack asks as they head upstairs. Gwen is leading the way, following the mournful singing that is emanating throughout the hub.

"Of course," Will says, reminded of the part of the prophecy that they had had so much problem with.

"Y maent yr myenddoedd yn canu ac yr mae'r arglwyddes yn dod," Bran supplies.


Bran stands by the Lady, safely away while Will, Gwen and Jack crowd round Toshiko. He recognises that they need the privacy on losing someone. Cardiff and the world is safe, but it is not without its costs. This woman lying dead in front of them, and he knows they've lost someone else named Owen, who he has never met, but the others feel his loss keenly.

Gray is below, in the vaults, having gone to investigate Susan's singing, and she had bewitched him, leaving him for Jack to deal with; realising that Toshiko was in trouble, they had run up here and found her dying. The man named Jack cradled her in his arms, Will crying softly in his shoulder, fingers interlaced.

"Will loves him, doesn't he," Bran says softly to the Lady. She nods and smiles.

"The affections of Jack Harkness are easily won, but not easily kept. It seems Will has found that," she says wistfully. "We've lost the pair of them."

He places his arm around her, as she is no longer that magnificent, unearthly figure that she was when she had appeared to Jane, and was all the more human now because of it. And like all humans, she needed comfort.


"Are you okay?" Bran asks Will as they sit on the sofa underneath the Torchwood sign. Gwen is on the phone to Rhys, Susan in Jack's office – he insisted, for safety sake. John is floating around somewhere, and Jack is sorting out Gray.

"I'll be fine," Will says.

Bran frowns, picking up the gentle furrowing of Will's eyebrows, the slight downturn of his mouth, and his exhausted body posture. "No you won't," he said. "Don't try and get anything past me, bachgen, it won't work. I know you too well, Will. You would shoulder the world's burden yourself if it meant no one else would get hurt." He places a hand on Will's shoulder.

Will's head buries itself in Bran's shoulder, taking in the comfort of the older man. "I've missed you so much. I really have. It hurt to leave you back then."

"Well, why did you, you fool?" Bran says as he cradles Will closer, comforting him as Will had done to him all those years ago.

"You couldn't remember. You would have all started to notice I wasn't ageing properly, it would have been awkward. It's always been awkward. I've never known how to deal with the fact that your memories were taken. I was angry at you for a long time, for choosing to forget. I just couldn't cope," Will confesses.

"And then you came here, to this Torchwood place, and you thought things would be better? What happened when they noticed, Will?" Bran pauses as he realises. "Jack'll age, you realise. He'll die and leave you behind. The Old Ones don't usually get attached to anyone for a reason."

"No he won't," Will says. Bran looks confused. "It's a long story, but he can't stay dead. He's going to live until the end of time, and that's longer than what I've got."

"You, Will, have the luck of angels. The one man who will outlive you and you find him," Bran says.

"Luck of angels? And still things like this happen," Will replies.

"Take your blessings while you can get them, cariad," Bran replies. Will buries his head even deeper into Bran's arms, and sits there contentedly. That is how Jack finds them when he comes up, cradled together.


"Should I be jealous?" Jack asks, as he and Will head into his office. Tosh's final video had had an effect on them all, and Jack has sent Gwen home to Rhys, but the rest still have business to finish.

Will knows that Jack speaks of him and Bran. "Not anymore," he replies. Jack's eyebrows raise, but he doesn't ask any more of it, knowing that it is probably a long and complicated story that will have to be discussed later on.

Hearing the men enter the office, Susan looks up. She is sitting behind Jack's desk, a set of photos lying around her. Jack can tell that they are the Pevensie photos. "Who took this?" she asks casually, gesturing at the photo of Jack and Edmund.

"A friend of a friend of Lucy's, I believe. One of the sailing lot." Jack tries to remember a name. "Dick Callum, I think. He was the photographer of that lot." He remembers him and Edmund there on that day, Lucy along and running into one of her old school friends. Lucy had passed him the photo later, with one of her smiles – she'd known that he would appreciate it far more than Edmund.

"I can't remember them," Susan says, placing the photo back on the desk.

"Bridget Walker? She was at the funeral, with one of her sisters," Jack reminds her, but Susan still shakes her head, apologising for not being able to recollect, and cursing herself for never paying any attention to her younger sister's life. She looks at the photographs, taking them in, hands ghosting over them.

Will crouches in front of her, softly laying his hand over hers. "How did you become like this, Susan? What happened to make you the Lady?" His eyes are open and genuine, while Jack stands at the side, intrigued.

It takes her a while, but Susan starts to speak. "I was chosen because I'd forgotten it, I suppose. I thought I could leave it all behind and forget about it, but the High Magic came, and the Light and Dark decided upon me. I would be their Lady, to keep the balance." She pauses. "I was a Queen once, you know." She tilts her head back slightly and gives a strained laugh. "Queen Susan the Gentle of Narnia. I ruled a country inside a wardrobe, and we fought an evil witch to restore the balance, and were rewarded with the kingdom. The White Witch, and she made it always winter and never Christmas. After fifteen years we tumbled back out the wardrobe, and I thought that was it, but then we went back, and Aslan – Aslan, the lion, I saw him die on the stone table in my brother's place and the Deep Magic revive him, he was the Son of the Emperor over the Sea, and King over all Kings in Narnia – he told us we couldn't go back, so I chose to ignore my memories. It got me nowhere in the end, but it was good while it lasted."

Will is still clutching her hand. "And then you saw the great risings of the Dark, and still you continue to this day."

"My song is ending, Will. A new lady must be chosen. You may have to do it," she says. "I have said who I want, many years ago, and I still stand by it."

Will struggles in the depths of his memory. "Jane, Jana, Juno, Jane," he whispers. Susan nods. "When will we know?"

"You will know, dear one, when the time is right. You have coped up til now, and I see no reason why you will not pass this hurdle without any difficulty. I believe in you, and he believes in you." She indicates Jack. "Between you, you are doing well."

"It doesn't feel like that sometimes," Will says. He lets go of her hand, standing up straight and turning slightly towards Jack.

"I can promise you that you are," Susan says in return.

Will looks out the glass door of Jack's office, down to where Bran sits patiently, lost in his own thoughts. "Should he forget? He chose to forget once. I learnt to deal with it, and now I don't know what to do with the fact that he can remember."

To his surprise, it is Jack that answers. "Don't take the memories away unless you have to; if I know anything it's that it will leave a hole behind where they should be."

"Well spoken, Jack Harkness." She turns and looks at him, and then back to Will. "Again, it must be your choice. I can feel him coming for me, and the decisions of this world and it's keeping will now fall to the next generation. Watchman."


"You truly care for him," Bran says. Jack looks at him, oddly, not knowing quite what he is referring too. "I am glad. It is all we ever wanted for him to be happy; the weight of the world weighs so heavily on his shoulders sometimes."

Jack breathes in and lets it out as he realises what Bran is talking about. "Yeah," he admits. "He means more to me that I care to admit." The two men sit in silence for a moment, recollecting the young man who brought them together. "He said once," Jack pauses as he thinks on it. "That you were the son of Arthur, Pendragon's heir."

"Yes." There is a lingering "and" in the air, but Bran chooses not to voice it.

Jack clasps his hands together, lowering his head, searching for the words. "It's just... I don't understand what is between you and Ianto. I feel like there is this thing that I am missing. You have years of legends and history. The legend of Arthur continues to be told, even in my home time."

Bran doesn't know quite what Jack wants of him, but endeavours to answer anyway. "He's my dewin," he answers. If Jack's look of confusion is anything to go by, he doesn't know the word. "The Merlin to my Arthur. They told me I was brought to this time to save me from Arthur, who they feared would not recognise me as his son – I trust you know the legend of Guinevere and Lancelot?" Jack nods, and Bran grimaces slightly of what the various writers over the years have made of his mother. "She came out of the mountains and left me here, to aid in the battle of the great rising of the Dark. But," he pauses just momentarily. "Sometimes I feel like I was brought here to meet him."

"He's more special than I'll ever truly understand, isn't he?" Jack says softly. Bran just nods and smiles.


"Do you really have to go?" Will says as they stand on the train station platform. Jack is beside him, as is Susan, as they wave Bran off on his train back to the murky mists of North Wales.

"I'm needed on the farm, Will, I've got to go." Bran says back. Will nods, and pulls Bran into a close hug, and deftly kisses his cheek. "Stay in contact this time, otherwise you'll find me back in Cardiff in no time." Bran jokes, and Will smiles as he moves back and lets Bran get on the train.

The train starts to pull out of the station, and everything is normal for a moment, and then Susan and Will feel the sense of magic in the air, as it tugs at them. Susan instantly recollects standing at the station all that time ago, waiting to go back to school, and she grasps for Jack and Will's hands just as she did back then, and closes here eyes and prays that it is Aslan who is summoning her home at last.

She opens her eyes, and they are standing in the blankness, an empty door ahead of her. Jack and Will stand beside her, looking round and trying to work out what has happened to them. They are discussing between themselves, but Susan just stands and ignores them and tries to work out where they are, and if she is truly where she thinks they are. "Aslan," she calls hesitantly. Jack and Will are quiet now, listening to her. "Aslan," she calls again, louder and more confidently.

The Lion appears before them. "Be still, Susan. You are home now." he says, so calmly, serenely, and with such an importance and authoritativeness that even Will wants to bow before him. Susan runs forward, and throws her arms around the Lion's neck, sobbing softly into his shoulder, whispering words of apology as she does so. Jack takes a slight step forward to defend her, but Will simply places a hand on his shoulder, and the pair are still.

"I see you have brought two others before me, Gentle Queen. One who will not pass my gates for a long time, and one who may never see the other side." Will and Jack know that they are being referred to, and nod their heads reverently to the great lion who stands before me.

"Does that mean my time has come?" Susan asks. Will delights that she has that sparkle back in her eyes, the childish wonder, and wonders what it was like to have known her back when this was truly her. Jack simply delights in seeing her like the others had always been. "Will I see them again?"

"Your family wait on the other side of the door for you, dear one." Aslan answers.

"Must everyone pass through the doors?" Jack asks. He thinks of his experiences of death, the darkness, and what Suzie said of it, and realises the uncertainty of what is presented before him.

"Many end up in my country, but not all from the same places, Jack Harkness. You will have to find that out yourself when the time comes," he replies.

Will beats Jack to replying. "He does not ask for himself. We lost two people recently. We would just like to know if they will find rest."

"That, even I do not know," the Lion replies. He turns to Susan. "Are you ready to see your family again?" She nods slowly, and then takes a small step over to where Will and Jack stand.

She hugs Will first, lightly looping her arms round his neck. "I'll find them," she says. Will knows what she means, and holds her close. He will miss her, her being the only comfort and person he had to confide in for a very long time.

They pull apart, and she moves to Jack. "Say hello to Edmund for me. And settle that bet we had going on Eustace and Jill, won't you." He smiles, and pulls the woman close. "Go and be amazing."

And she steps back to Aslan's side, and they walk through the stable door, and Jack and Will find themselves back on the railway platform.


"So, what do we do now, Jack?" Gwen asks, as the three of them stand on the Roald Dahl Plass, hanging over the railings.

"We move on. Do our jobs. Keep the world safe. Deal with Weevil infestations," Jack says.

"Have a laugh, get drunk, save the world in our pyjamas," Will continues. The three laugh at that.

"It's us now, and we're going to make it through together." Jack says, bringing his arms to rest around Will and Gwen's shoulders, bringing his team together. They stand defiant, and look at the city that they have saved so many times.

When one song ends, another begins. And they will find that they have only just scratched the surface.


AN:/ The extended notes/ bits I couldn't say in the beginning for fear of spoiling the story:

This was written, as mentioned above, to fuel the theory that Ianto isn't necessarily human, but also to develop a resolution for Susan (and also exploring the theory that Susan may have become the Dark is Rising's Lady). It is helped along by the idea I had of Jack meeting the Pevensies back in London in the forties. I've messed about a bit with the Dark is Rising canon to suit my purposes, but otherwise tried to leave each canon as much as it was, until the changes I'd made started to have an impact.

Bizarre trivia:

- In my first draft, I was so intent in retaining the events of TW Season 1, that Cyberwoman played out exactly the same, until I realised that it didn't fit Will's motivations.

- When I started writing this, I wanted to cover Turn Left, The Stolen Earth, Journey's End, and Children of Earth. It soon became obvious that these needed to be properly explored on their own. They may be making an appearance in the future.

- Bran's appearance in the end is a desire to bring more of the DiR into this. I like him being there, it brings a resolution to something which was otherwise left very vague.

- Spot the obscure children's adventure book series reference near the end. There will be more of them in the future.

- The prophecies written for the Dark is Rising sequence turned out to have a lot of links that I could use; very little plot twisting was needed to get them in there.


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Feb. 21st, 2011 11:52 am (UTC)
that was brilliant... I loved The Dark Rising when I was child and will have to re-read the books now
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Thank you so much~ I'm really glad that at least someone reading this likes all the series, I feel it's going over a lot of people's heads. I'm glad you like it :)
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It took me a moment to make the connection and then it all flooded back (I grew up in Germany, so the title was different) ... I loved the series so much as a child, it's one of the few books I rebought it as an adult (all books in one) so yeah, this was a great story to read
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